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Hi! Welcome to Laptop Repair San Diego. Thanks for taking the time to visit us!


My name is Rod and we are a small business working for your convenience.

I am an Electronic Engineer that proudly started his own business and can guarantee you that we're able to repair your laptop and computer, either hardware or software on your computer to make it as dependable as you need it to be.


Virtually everything you need in a single call! Our job is to do the best for your computers/network so you can concentrate in do what’s most important for you: working, studying, gaming, etc. Knowing that when you need it, your computer is going to be reliable and effective. Go ahead, choose the subject and see how we can help you being sure that your computer resources are always going to be up and running when you most need it, or even that they’ll be back in action in the shortest possible time. We serve all San Diego County.


- Laptops not charging (DC Jack fix/replacement)

- Computer too slow: improve performance

- Broken screens

- Computer upgrades

- Computer virus / trojans

- PC/ laptop backups

- Data transfer for your new computer (either laptop or desktop)

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  We can fix any brand of laptops:  

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